August 11th, 2010
03:11 PM ET

CNN poll: Most oppose mosque near Ground Zero

A proposed mosque to be built two blocks from the World Trade Center has little support nationwide, a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll suggests.

According to the new survey out Wednesday, nearly 70 percent of all Americans oppose the controversial plan to build the mosque just blocks away from the solemn site in lower Manhattan while just 29 percent favor the construction.

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  1. Tom

    Let's not forget that the First Amendment's Establishment Clause (i.e. "freedom of religion") prohibits to the government from acting specifically against Islam, or any other religion. Let's not forget the reason for that prohibition (combatting discrimination against people on the basis of their religion). Unless there is a valid law driven by secular purposes (e.g. zoning considerations) that properly prohibits the kind of building being proposed, the government does not (and should not) have a leg to stand on if it wishes to oppose its construction.

    August 15, 2010 at 11:17 am |
  2. barge

    I was born and I have spent many years of my life in a muslim country.
    I know how a muslim think about the world.
    For almost of all muslims, Ground Zero Mosque is a symbol of Islam's GREAT VICTORY over the Western World. An American confesion of surrender.
    It is surprised that some American support this stupid proposal.

    August 15, 2010 at 9:48 am |
    • Miriam

      so obvious that 110% of your statement is FALSE... not even cleverly coated to pass as a believable fairy tale... living in the united states all my life, i can't say too much of what muslims from other countries see it, but i know muslims who are afraid of even visiting america because they think the country is full of bullying racists... if you view what al jazeera (an international middle eastern news station) has to say about it, it's this (link on the end) other countries view it as respecting america for upholding religious freedom instead of being viewed as the world terroriest that keep killing and being invovled in wars. (death tolls in Afghanistan, iraq, ect. are extraordinary high by american soldiers and merciless air bombing, if no one has noticed)

      and another thing, so wat? so wat if therez a mosque being built 2 blocks away from the former world trade centre... whose going to be attending it? Americans! even if they might be muslims, they have the constitutional right to be. if you disagree with that, you are being racist, simple as that. media might scream a red scare like it was back in the cold war, but people have forgotten that you have to right to believe what you want to believe. the american muslims that would attend the mosque have done NOTHING wrong to anyone... being against them is being against the constitution

      August 15, 2010 at 5:31 pm |
  3. Jan

    PS to Judy; Obama is not a Muslim, and he was born in the USA. Get over it. The REAL reason you idiots continue with this "birther" agenda is that you are prejudiced, ignorant white trash who cannot stand to have a Black president, even though his IQ is no doubt 100 points above "W". Shame on you again.

    August 14, 2010 at 6:01 pm |
  4. Jan

    Judy; it would appear that you cannot even spell Christian correctly. Your comment is negated. People are condemning Muslims as a whole and not separating out the extremists who caused 9-11. Gee; do all Christians agree with radical Pat Robertson or other fundamentalist Christians? Probably not. While it may not be prudent to place an Islamic center near Ground Zero; but we are not talking about extremists; just everyday faithful Muslims. Has everyone in this country gone nuts? We are a country of many faiths and colors; this is what makes America great. Seems like the right-wingers are calling the shots now. Shame on you all.

    August 14, 2010 at 5:56 pm |
  5. jamesjoyce

    Surely no religion has a right to have a facility located in any specific location. The Constitution is being stretched by the lawyers to say and mean what they want it to say in a given situation.

    August 14, 2010 at 5:11 pm |
  6. rob w

    lets wait till the place is packed?

    August 14, 2010 at 2:17 pm |
  7. Rene

    Its wrong, no matter how you look at it........

    August 14, 2010 at 12:25 pm |
  8. Jack

    This case is a real challenge for the leader of the free world – I hope the USA will stay “free” and follow the ideals of their founders. The Muslims of NY on the other hand could set a bright signal to the world if they would install in their mosque a memorial site for the victims of 9/11 where they deeply regret what happened then and condemn the way radical Muslims act.

    August 14, 2010 at 11:01 am |
    • Miriam

      and the FOUNDERS said its a free country where you can follow whatever religion you chose, including religious buildings

      August 15, 2010 at 5:36 pm |
  9. william

    Reality (above) has it right – Muslim -Islam (originally Ishmael). took root from that warmongering, womaniser Mohammed who was a criminal who bestowed his only ability – warfare and bloodshed on his brain-washed followers .
    And you voted one into the White House!!!!!! -UNBELIEVABLE

    August 13, 2010 at 11:35 pm |
  10. william

    Time to wake up America! you obviously haven't read about Muslim law – mutilation of women's private parts, beheading, honour killings, haven't you read their history?? Dont give me that radical extremism stuff- that's what runs them and drive's their tiny minds.
    Get this- Islam is NOT, is NOT a religion. It is a system – aimed at take-over of any country that even begins to bow to their evil demands.
    Do you want your women in bhurkas, turned into slaves. Do you want to go back to middle ages?? Wake up!!!!

    August 13, 2010 at 11:19 pm |
    • Miriam

      obvious YOU haven't read muslim law ^^

      August 15, 2010 at 5:33 pm |
    • JabbaTheHut

      I would like some women as slaves. And I would like them to wear revealing clothing rather than bhurkas, of course.
      Why should we need to become muslim when all we need is money to get what we want? Huhuhuhuhu!

      August 15, 2010 at 5:44 pm |
  11. mike

    If they want to build it fine, but not at ground zero. They think they have problems now they will have more problems than they can imagine if this takes place and Obama can kiss his chance to be re-elected good bye

    August 13, 2010 at 10:34 pm |
  12. Beverly VanBuren

    Reality defined in my opinion? Sounds like Hell. Dale, I disagree with your term MOST when referring to Americans. I speak for myself, thank you. "our land, our liberties" stolen from the people of this land who welcomed the first immigrants. Founding Fathers took liberties. Isn't it biblical, "by the same measure it shall be meted unto thee,"? Thus saith the Lord, thy God.

    August 13, 2010 at 4:13 pm |
  13. Beverly VanBuren

    Forty and more years ago I sang along with folksingers, Peter,Paul and Mary,"When will they ever learn..." I know the answer. You can take God out of America but you can't take HIM out of the country. He is The Great Spirit. He is universal.

    August 13, 2010 at 4:03 pm |
  14. Reality

    To all the deluded Muslims out there:

    You are the victims of the biggest con job ever pulled on humankind. Islamic tenets are nothing but the fairy tales of an hallucinating, contriving, warmongering, womanizing Arab named Mohammed. Analogous cons have pulled on Christians, Jews, Buddhist and Hindus.

    August 12, 2010 at 2:36 pm |
  15. Ira

    The Islamic War Memorial

    It is totally bewildering to me how New York Mayor Blumberg and other of my New York “Lantz men” (fellow American Jews), with their political correctness can be so damn blind to the reality of the Cordoba Mosque and its intention to build at “Ground Zero” where 3,000 Americans of all faiths were murdered by Islamic terrorists. Yes we live in a country where we are guaranteed the freedom of religion under the constitution, but this is not about freedom of religion. This is about the conqueror indelibly grinding his heel into the heart and soul of New York with the Cordoba Mosque.

    Imam Rauf’s mosque is a tribute to the terrorist’s murderous attack on 9/11 and nothing more. All else is false pretense to cover up the real intentions of building an “Islamic war memorial” commemorating their murder of innocents. Even their original projected opening date clearly warns you of their malicious intent: To have their grand opening on 9/11.

    Why 9/11 now and also why were we attacked on 9/11? If you had listened to the war criminal Bin Laden, his rational for being against the west has been as mercurial as his hiding places. The real reason for attacking us and for doing so on 9/11 was because the Islamists were commencing one of the greatest periods of proselytizing by the sword since the Caliphate. If you look at your history, 9/11 was the absolute pinnacle of the Caliphate, when Islam ruled a large segment of the world, including much of Europe. But by 9/12/1683 the Caliphate started its decline as they lost The Battle of Vienna. “The large-scale battle was won by Polish, Austrian and German forces commanded by King of Poland John III Sobieski versus the Ottoman Empire army and the Ottoman fiefdoms armies commanded by Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha." Wikipedia.

    Despite Obama’s State Department hiring Imam Rauf to go on a world tour of the “Caliphate lands”, Rauf’s background alone is sufficient for this Mosque not to be built at Ground Zero. He will not even divulge its funding. “Besides being an open advocate for Sharia and restrictions on the freedom of speech in his book What's Right with Islam, Rauf has refused to denounce Hamas. He has lied about his commitment to religious dialogue. He has lied about whether the Islamic center planned for the Ground Zero site will contain a mosque or not. And he has lied about whether or not the project is getting foreign funding. He is involved with a group that helped fund the jihad flotilla against Israel.” JihadWatch.org. Rauf himself stated about 9/11 that "I wouldn't say that the United States deserved what happened," Rauf elaborated, "but United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened."

    Enough bull about “peace and understanding” with extremists who want to harm us, as only a fool is incapable of not knowing who his enemy is!

    August 12, 2010 at 1:50 pm |
  16. Dale

    Since it seems that most Muslims can't figure out why there is so much opposition to their mosques, let me offer my opinion that I think speaks for most Americans. The images most of us have or recall regarding anything large involving the Middle East, Islamic treatment of women, Sharia Law and yes 911 are dark, ugly images of a harsh, theocratic flock of ignorant foot soldiers. Our memories don't conjure up images of a kind 1.4 billion people of this earth, but sadly memories of throngs of Iraninans, Iraqis, Saudis, et al conductiing Nazi size demonstrations against the U.S. and Israel on the streets of Tehran, Bagdad and Riyadh. None of us remember seeing any such large scale opposition to the terrorist bombings in Beruit, Tel Aviv, Lockerbie, Dhahran, Nairobi, the USS Cole and NYC. Where are the voices of Islam when Ahmadinajad threatens to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, when the U.S. embassy in Tehran was taken over and 66 hostages were held....but most of all, WHERE WERE THEIR VOICE ON 911?? At most, we heard a few muffled comments denouncing it (seemingly because a couple hundred of the victims were Muslims) but for the most part we hear nothing but criticism and hatred towards Americans while they increasingly occupy our land and enjoy our liberties. Stand up and loudly announce and embrace all that is good in America and you just might finally be taken seriously. Otherwise, you'll remain not much more than a growing threat of hell-bent martyrs of Islam and a real threat to our way of life.

    August 12, 2010 at 12:38 pm |
    • Gary

      Dale, none of those events ever happend. the few that did were done by Isreali terroists dressed as muslims......Praise Allah!

      August 12, 2010 at 1:42 pm |
  17. Gary

    Mosques are being built all over the united states @ faster rates than ever before as the growing number of muslims come to America and Islam has spread like wild fire across this country much like Christianty did in 1800s when Western Europeans invaded this land.

    August 12, 2010 at 10:38 am |
  18. Daniel

    After CNN had publicized it as the "Ground Zero Mosque" for weeks on end – regardless of the fact that the proposed site is two blocks away – I am hardly surprised. Now, how about a poll asking these same people where they think the Muslim community center will be, and I bet you that a majority who oppose it believe it is to be at Ground Zero. Which just goes to show what irresponsible journalism does to public opinion. I wonder who in the media biz was leaning hard to make journalists and their editors spin this the way it got spun?

    August 12, 2010 at 2:52 am |
  19. One Whose Name Means Beloved of God

    I'm annoyed at all the people saying–Just move it!

    The whole point of putting it here has nothing to do with 9/11! Like any other religious organization, they have a population they are trying to serve. In this case that population is all the Muslims who already live in Manhattan. Moving it somewhere else would defeat the purpose.

    Notice that the opinion poles in Manhattan found a whole lot more people support it. Interesting how it's everyone else who is so traumatized by 9/11 we can't allow things to happen because we are "protecting" the New Yorkers.

    Apparently, NYC has moved on a lot faster than the rest of us.

    August 12, 2010 at 12:10 am |
  20. Jason

    This is want Al Qaeda wants: A holy war between Islam and the West.

    By expressing hostility to the idea of a mosque near 9/11 ground zero or anywhere in the United States, we may add fuel to the fire.
    We shouldn't make this into a conflict between Islam and the United States. We should show acceptance of muslim Americans by offering them friendship and respect.

    Al Qaeda wants a holy war.
    Let's not give them the satisfaction.

    August 11, 2010 at 11:55 pm |
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