September 26th, 2010
10:15 AM ET

Eddie Long breaks his silence

By the CNN Wire Staff

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) - Five days after the first of four lawsuits was filed claiming he coerced young males into sexual relationships, Georgia pastor Eddie Long took to the pulpit Sunday to tell his side of the story.

Speaking to the massive congregation packed into the Atlanta-area New Birth Missionary Baptist Church for an 8 a.m. service, Long said that "this is probably the most difficult time" of his entire life, but he intends to fight the allegations against him.

He said his first responsibility was his family, and the members of his Atlanta-area church. However, he joked that he would be "remiss" not to address "the world."

"I've been accused, I'm under attack. I want you to know, as I said earlier, that I am not a perfect man," he said. "But this thing, I'm going to fight."

Long added that he's "not the man that has been portrayed on the television. That's not me."

"And I want you to know one other thing," he told the cheering crowd Sunday morning. "I feel like David against Goliath, but I've got five rocks and I haven't thrown one yet."

He then turned on his heel and walked away from the pulpit, ending a 20-minute address that was peppered with references to Scripture and often interrupted with loud standing ovations from worshippers.

Long, who led the growth of his church to its current 25,000 members, told reporters after the service that he would challenge the allegations, but declined to take any questions. He was joined by his wife, Vanessa, and members of his legal team during his brief appearance.

Throngs of worshippers packed into the church auditorium early Sunday, with lines of vehicles backed up for half a mile along the streets. Church members said the turnout was unprecedented for the massive church.

The pastor, on the advice of his lawyers, had little to say until Sunday morning. However, during his service he said he has been advised by his legal team to only fight the allegations in court - "The only place I think I will get justice," he said.

The four men who brought lawsuits this week in DeKalb County, Georgia, State Court claim that Long took them on overnight trips to various locations within the United States and outside of the country, sharing a room and engaging in sexual contact with them, including massaging, masturbation or oral sex.

The lawsuit filed Friday by a Charlotte, North Carolina, man says Long uses church money and other accounts to entice young men with cars, clothing, jewelry and electronics.

Responding to Long's Sunday sermon, a spokeswoman for the attorney representing the four men in the lawsuits stressed that the pastor did not specifically deny the allegations detailed in the complaints. Wendy Guarisco
also criticized Long for portraying himself as "David," when his accusers are taking on such a powerful pastor.

Long denied the allegations in a brief statement Thursday, stating, "Let me be clear: The charges against me and New Birth are false. I have devoted my life to helping others and these false allegations hurt me deeply, but my faith is strong and the truth will emerge."

Long's spokesman and church members had said it is appropriate he first speak in detail about the civil lawsuits with his church family.

"I stand behind the bishop because of the leader that he is. He is a true leader. The word that he gives is so rich, it is so life-changing," New Birth member Gary Foster, Jr., told CNN Saturday night.

He and two other young church members said Long is family-oriented, a mentor and a respected leader who has helped many families and individuals.

Gabrielle Richards, who has attended New Birth for nearly eight years, said she has seen no evidence that Long is a sexual predator.

A former New Birth employee said he hopes the allegations are not true,
but he wants to hear from Long so that the "cloud of suspicion over him can be dispersed."

"The information is certainly damaging," Kevin Bond said. "The evidence... all of that is very troubling to many of us in the gospel community, the Christian community."

A Facebook page in support of Long had more than 6,000 members Saturday night.

- CNN's Don Lemon, Ashley Fantz, Aaron Cooper and Susan Brown contributed to
this report.

- CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor

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  8. E. Jacqueline Irons

    Please somebody explain to these innocent children and young adults that a mentor, true leader, a family oriented man who helps many families does not exclude that he is capable of engaging in child molestation. There are a lot of people you least expect and who hide behind their professions to commit these acts thinking no one will believe allegations of misconduct. They just don't seem to understand this concept. When I saw the young man who Long alledgedly molested and the way he described what happened, I just broke down and cried. Thanks!

    October 22, 2010 at 2:08 pm |
  9. Critter


    Muneef, I am sorry for saying so many bad things to you. I ask you to forgive me, but this might not be easy as I have been extremely wrong in the things I have been saying to you.
    Please do not worry about my foolish and horrible anger. It has finally passed. I do not hate you any more.
    I ask that you forgive me and that everyone who has read my horrible words to forgive me. I do not hate you and wish I had never said anything bad about anyone including you.

    I let my anger get away with me and I became the "rabid dog" that I accused you of being. This was wrong.
    It was also very typical for me. I do these bad things too often and always feel shame after I return to my senses.
    You have no idea how terrible I feel for making you suffer for my weaknesses. I am very very sorry.

    Please go back to whatever you were doing before you met me here. Consider me a madman who has lost his way too often. For I am a crazy person who should never have been allowed on the internet.

    Peace be upon you, Muneef. And many blessings for peace and harmony as well be upon you. I was shameless in my attacks upon you and I apologize.
    Please do not be hurt anymore by my words, for many of them were untrue and overly vindictive. I was blinded by my anger and rage. I wanted so, so much to protect that woman from harm, but all I did was try to hurt others in my quest to drive off her attackers. That was not the right thing to do. Protecting her is not my job and should never be the job of someone like me who has so little self-control.

    Please forgive me, Muneef. A madness was upon me. I feel as though I have awoken from a nightmare again.
    I haven't read any of your new posts, but that shouldn't matter. It was my fault and you shouldn't have to run into people like me on the internet. I can only apologize and take back all my words to you. I do not curse you or anyone. I take back all those bad things I said. They were stupid and evil and should never have been in my heart in the first place.

    I am very sorry and can only hope that you become healed of the damage I have done to you. I will not return to this place that drives me to such insane actions and words. I have been coming here for too long. I will not be back to read any responses to my post. It is not worth the damage it does to me to be here.

    Goodbye, Muneef. I wish things had been different in my heart and mind. Be at peace.

    September 27, 2010 at 3:37 am |
    • Muneef

      @Critter. Apology accepted and really feel sorry for that lady and sorry for you, my heart is clean and do not hold hate to any one. Beside I do not know how I got in the middle of this mess at all, so long friend take care and try to hold your self from saying things that you might regret...

      September 27, 2010 at 8:39 am |
  10. Muneef

    @Critter. You never can be Muslim never no matter how hard we are we do not call names or are not supposed to and surely you are neither a Christian or Jew you are some thing else but more I will read your posts I will become to know and it is sad to see some one I thought once to be educated and fair turns to totally some thing else? Now i feel that you are not even a white man at least they have manners even a black man has some manners but you are some thing else that has problem with dogs and keep on calling people dogs suggest you better see a psychologist to find what your problem is with dogs? La Howlla Walaqwa Alabillah. Lost it he was a nice guy.

    September 26, 2010 at 11:56 pm |
  11. Muneef

    @Critter. Sorry for the mess I got you into for some misunderstanding but I would really like to have some one translate for you that I quoted from an e.mail that I received about what has been told be one of the Islamic Sheikhs in Suadi Arabia, very interesting and true;

    المرعى أخضر ولكن العنز مريضة
     مقال للدكتور القرني ....
    أبدع الشيخ الدكتور عائض القرني وكان منصفاً في مقالته التي نشرتها صحيفة 'الشرق الأوسط' تحت عنوان (نحن العرب قساة جفاة) وأتركها لكم للقراءة والتأمل . لا أقول إلا بارك الله بك يا شيخ عائض فقد كنت صريحاً ومباشراً وعادلاً وهذا ما نحتاج إليه فنقد الذات والمكاشفة الواضحة طريق لاكتشاف الخلل. وأفهم يافهيم ..
    د. عائض القرني
    أكتب هذه المقالة من باريس في رحلة علاج الركبتين وأخشى أن أتهم بميلي 
    إلى الغرب وأنا أكتبُ عنهم شهادة حق وإنصاف ، والله إن غبار حذاء محمد
    بن عبد الله ( صلى الله عليه وسلم ) أحبُ إليّ من أميركا وأوروبا مجتمِعَتين 
    ولكن الاعتراف بحسنات الآخرين منهج قرآني ، يقول تعالى: « ليسوا سواء 
    من أهل الكتاب أمة قائمة ».
    وقد أقمت في باريس أراجع الأطباء وأدخل المكتبات وأشاهد الناس وأنظر إلى تعاملهم فأجد رقة الحضارة ، وتهذيب الطباع ، ولطف المشاعر ، وحفاوة اللقاء ، حسن التأدب مع الآخر ، أصوات هادئة ، حياة منظمة ، التزام بالمواعيد ، ترتيب في شؤون الحياة ،
     أما نحن العرب فقد سبقني ابن خلدون لوصفنا بالتوحش والغلظة ،
     وأنا أفخر بأني عربي؛ لأن القرآن عربي والنبي عربي ،
     ولولا أن الوحي هذّب أتباعه لبقينا في مراتع هبل واللات والعزى ومناة الثالثة الأخرى .
     ولكننا لم نزل نحن العرب من الجفاء والقسوة بقدر ابتعادنا عن الشرع المطهر.
    نحن مجتمع غلظة وفظاظة إلا من رحم الله ،
     فبعض المشايخ وطلبة العلم وأنا منهم جفاة في الخُلُق ، وتصحّر في النفوس ، حتى إن بعض العلماء إذا سألته أكفهرَّ وعبس وبسر ،
     الجندي يمارس عمله بقسوة ويختال ببدلته على الناس ،
     من الأزواج 
    زوج شجاع مهيب وأسدٌ هصور على زوجته وخارج البيت نعامة فتخاء ،
     من الزوجات زوجة عقرب تلدغ وحيّة تسعى ،
     من المسئولين من يحمل بين جنبيه نفس النمرود بن كنعان كِبراً وخيلاء
     حتى إنه إذا سلّم على الناس يرى أن الجميل له ،
     وإذا جلس معهم أدى ذلك تفضلاً وتكرماً منه ،
     الشرطي صاحب عبارات مؤذية ،
     الأستاذ جافٍ مع طلابه ،
     فنحن بحاجة لمعهد لتدريب الناس على حسن الخُلُق
    وبحاجة لمؤسسة لتخريج مسئولين يحملون الرقة والرحمة والتواضع ،
     وبحاجة لمركز لتدريس العسكر اللياقة مع الناس ،
     وبحاجة لكلية لتعليم الأزواج والزوجات فن الحياة الزوجية.
    المجتمع عندنا يحتاج إلى تطبيق صارم وصادق للشريعة
     لنخرج من القسوة والجفاء الذي ظهر على وجوهنا وتعاملنا .
     في البلاد العربية يلقاك غالب العرب بوجوه عليها غبرة ترهقها قترة ،
     من حزن وكِبر وطفشٍ وزهق ونزق وقلق ، ضقنا بأنفسنا وبالناس وبالحياة ،
     لذلك تجد في غالب سياراتنا عُصي وهراوات لوقت الحاجة
    وساعة المنازلة والاختلاف مع الآخرين ،
     وهذا الحكم وافقني عليه من رافقني من الدعاة ،
     وكلما قلت: ما السبب ؟
     الحضارة ترقق الطباع ، نسأل الرجل الفرنسي عن الطريق ونحن في سيارتنا فيوقف سيارته ويخرج الخارطة وينزل من سيارته ويصف لك الطريق وأنت جالس في سيارتك ،
     نمشي في الشارع والأمطار تهطل علينا فيرفع أحد المارة مظلته على رؤوسنا ،
     نزدحم عند دخول الفندق أو المستشفى فيؤثرونك مع كلمة التأسف ،
     أجد كثيراً من الأحاديث النبوية تُطبَّق هنا ، 
    احترام متبادل ، عبارات راقية ، أساليب حضارية في التعامل.
    بينما تجد أبناء يعرب إذا غضبوا لعنوا وشتموا وأقذعوا وأفحشوا
     أين منهج القرآن:
     « وقل لعبادي يقولوا التي هي أحسن » 
    ، « وإذا خاطبهم الجاهلون قالوا سلاما » ،
     « فاصفح الصفح الجميل » ،
     « ولا تصعّر خدّك للناس ولا تمش في الأرض مرحاً إن الله لا يحب كل مختال فخور ، واقصد في مشيك واغضض من صوتك إن أنكر الأصوات لصوت الحمير » .
     وفي الحديث: «
    الراحمون يرحمهم الرحمن » ،
     و « المسلم من سلم المسلمون من لسانه ويده » ،
     و « لا تباغضوا ولا تقاطعوا ولا تحاسدوا » 
     عندنا شريعة ربّانيّة مباركة لكن التطبيق ضعيف ،
     يقول عالم هندي: ( المرعى أخضر ولكن العنز مريضة ) .

    September 26, 2010 at 11:11 pm |
    • Muneef

      A nice one that gives truth about situation here as mentioned that Islam percentage here not applied as should other wise cases would have been better for all.
      Thank you Critter and sorry again if caused you any bad time that was not meant nor intened.

      September 26, 2010 at 11:19 pm |
    • Muneef

      @Critter. Have never called you names but you still use bad language with me and that is not fair what ever you are Muslim or non Muslim you have no right to accuse people or call them names before you try clarify the issue patiently but you came attacking calling names it is not for what you mentioned but exceeds it further more is it?? spit is out of choke with it...

      September 26, 2010 at 11:29 pm |
  12. convo_girl

    I think this issue is about victim's rights - Not Eddie Long. He's the one who is famous and rich and has thousands of followers. Personally, I am annoyed his church was so quick to support him as if he is 100% innocent.

    If he is found guilty, he should not be able to say "I'm sorry" and just be forgiven. We should judge him harshly. He should have stepped down. It is time the Black community put women and children first for a change.

    September 26, 2010 at 7:19 pm |
    • shame on you

      AMEN MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      September 27, 2010 at 8:23 am |
  13. Muneef

    Corrections please,,,
    My say as a human to human,from brother to a brother derived from our father and mother Adam & Eve, kindly ask your American Nation to unite all races and faiths under one ceiling and not to Crash down otherwise it will go back to pieces and fragments of pieces,we are here with you on the Ship,Ark still can feel and suffer the results of the vibrations that has reached us since the 9/11 tragedy and the following Global Economy Crash and we do not want those any more as much as you do but nothing we ordinary ones can do other than be heard complaining and that what we are doing here right now where I am to Remind out of but have no Control Over.?! 

    September 26, 2010 at 4:43 pm |
    • Muneef

      @Crittir. Wonder about what we hear regarding human rights and human freedom of speech and expression that being purred down our heads and now when I am here just got here to be heard I am told not to be here?
       Heard few crying over why not being able to penetrate to some countries internet for hearing them out while practicing their rights of expression and speech and today I am here to do what i have been told to do I am told to stop, because I allowed my self to intervene commenting on your affairs, but every body else at yours has the right to mingle with our affairs as Arabs or  Muslims? I was brought here by the Florida Dove's Church man of God upon his threat to burn the Quran and what I found was that all here were cursing and few being moderate or defending and found that the majority who were cursing to be either atheists or similar while those defending were those of Heavenly faiths. Now you tell me this is not my place to Get up Stand up to defending my Holy Book my Religion my fellow brother and sisters at yours and the faithful one's too? If I can not and do not react with a comment or explanation that may lead readers to think and research for leads to have or reach the whole big picture? Isn't that what is this debate blog is all about?? But to tell me i cannot or shouldn't write and that the least that i should do!?
      Do not fancy the idea of living like the Three Wise Monkeys only slaves would do?? But if you insist then I would say, Lahwla Walaqwa Alla Bilah, and then thank you for helping me to know and understand that those things you call for are not possible and all just ink on paper,unreal and just was and is being used for what is called propaganda and that all we will harvest being over here are flags in the name of practicing your human rights or your freedom of speech. Thanks to you for helping me realize that and was no need there to frame me with what i haven't said and curse me for it so it is a goodbye for all I am a family man and not a trouble maker.!.? .      

      September 26, 2010 at 7:26 pm |
    • Critter


      I did not say for you to go away, although it might be best if you did.
      You think no one else can read your posts and see what you are saying just because you deny what you have said and done?
      Deny it all you like. Your words are already proof against you.

      I only said that you are wasting your time because the only people who listen to you are already Muslim.
      You hide your laughter but I can hear it in your words.
      You fling judgments around and then protest that you are not judging.
      You call for people to be burned to death as easily as breathing and then deny that you have done any such thing.

      You just don't understand, and I doubt you ever will. You are just another rabid dog of an extremist.

      Your people should never have become Muslim, for you cannot handle your religion any better than a rabid dog.

      Go if you like. I won't miss you much. You would not face my questions and used lies and misdirection whenever you did respond.
      That sort of thing just shows what's in your heart. You follow the way of lies, of turning away from truth.
      How can anyone respect that? Unless they are Muslim, of course.
      Just another day for you. Just another day for me.

      September 26, 2010 at 8:48 pm |
  14. Muneef

    Just wonder what could have happened to this man,Georgia pastor Eddie Long in order to get him framed with such shameful stories if any thing he could have said that got them so mad would be any thing that is in favor of Islam or the intended mosque,only God knows.
    But he seems sure that he knew who if framing him and why and since those framing him seem to be big people in high positions that's why he gave example of him being David against Goliath and just wonder what could be those Five Stones he has in hand for those aimed against??? My personal feelings even if he had those shameful habits is why now and why not before, but what ever the case might be the only benefiters are those Anti-Religions who digging to shame all religions to compress it more in the ruling systems of the country.!?  

    September 26, 2010 at 2:37 pm |
    • Critter


      What country are you talking about Muneef? Yemen, where you said you lived? Why should anyone give a shlt what you think about a "Christian" pastor when you are a self-proclaimed Muslim?
      Why are you even here, Muneef?

      September 26, 2010 at 2:47 pm |
    • Muneef

      @critter. sorry if sounded not right as I am not accusing any religion but just as a matter of thought occurred to me and wondered what is happening in the world changing than the way we knew it and brought up to believe.
      As to be where I am from and why being here? Honestly that got me hurt so much was as stapped by a sharp pointed knife, my dear Globalization has brought me here to have my say on this international channel, we are one of the countries that it's economy depend so much on your economy and currency strength and if you fall we fall with you.
      We are one country of many Arabic&Islamic countries that depend on USA for same and what you suffer we suffer and every disease you catch is transmited to us with you. We all nation's are boarding one ship in this wide space and every thing you do against environment or nature we suffer with you if not before you. America does not want to be just a country on a continent but here thinking globally made here intervene in every countries business if not invaded it wide killing it's populations directly or indirectly.. And now I am asked why should I be here to be heard and if I could reach the UN I would go to make my voice heard saying in the Name of God Almighty Enough is Enough for bloodshed of wars, crimes,I'll morals and ethics that today all nations are following in their societies and political motives which ends me and you living nightmares one after another either in the form of terrorism , natural disastors, wars and all it's related side effects aren't those signs to be considered as a compass telling us that we are those on this ship in that space that we are heading wrong direction and that wrong has to be fixed to go on the right track? And for believers aren't you thinking that God telling us that he is angry from us and that we are taking the wrong track and had to be fixed? And thank you America for the freedom of speech you granted the world and has provided us the utilities of communications asking us to contribute with our expressions towards " Change for the Good of ship and passengers on board " since there is no Ark better than earth to save us in this wide unpredictable space?! Thank you for giving me the chance to express out but still I am hurt and a nice word will cool it of and guide me if wrong and about quitting I would because what I am doing now at CNN is taking almost my whole time since the Quran burnning issue and would out doubt I will go back to it and that's why I mentioned earlier that we back here worry about our daily bread and water for family support but needed from you in the free world to notice us out there and have your say on behalf of all heavenly beliefs that what is happening is wrong, One Nation Calamities to other nations benefit,profit?!

      September 26, 2010 at 4:10 pm |
    • Muneef

      My final say as a human to human,from brother to a brother derived from our father and mother Adam & Eve, kindly ask your American Nation to unite all races and faiths under one ceiling and not to Crash down otherwise it will go back to pieces and fragments of pieces which will surly to crash with you since we are still suffering the vibrations of 9/11 and of the Global Economy crises and we do not want those any more as much as you but nothing in hand we ordinary ones have other than we are doing now here!?

      September 26, 2010 at 4:26 pm |
    • Critter


      You have said that you do not like our Freedom of Speech when it is used to "mock or curse" another...and then you use it to support those Muslims who mock and curse others who are not Muslim – like that cartoonist woman.

      You actually want that woman to be burned alive! You mock and curse her like the simplest tool of Satan that ever was in the history of the world.

      Burned Alive!!!!!
      For drawing a picture!!

      Words cannot express my loathing for you, Muneef. Your words do not move me. Allah has hardened my heart against you for what you have done, what you are doing, and what you are going to do in the future. It is written in my heart by Allah and only he can erase it.

      Allah does not speak to you. I know this for a fact. Allah never spoke to Mohammad either. No peace be upon his name.

      If there is a hell, Mohammad is rolling around in the flames, screaming at you to stop, for you are going to join him if you do not stop doing evil. But you cannot hear him. You can only listen to your own madness like the beating of your heart in your ears. You refuse to others what Allah has already given them. You would murder those who do nothing. What should Allah do about someone like you, Muneef? What does he have in store for you after you are dead?

      You say she "chose her path of fire", when she did no such thing.
      It is your evil religion working in your evil mind that chose fire for this innocent person who did no harm to your dead "prophet".
      You treat him like he is bigger than Allah. You seek to make him more important than Allah. But Mohammad was just a man.
      You are just a man. You are not more important than that woman. You are lower than a dog. Lower than a dog's vomit.
      I curse you and all your plans. I curse you and all your evil. I curse you and your desires to murder innocent people.

      There can be no real peace between us, Muneef. You are full of hate and evil. I have no doubt that Allah would rather burn you alive than to burn this woman.
      May Allah burn you alive if you continue in your evil madness.

      I guess they didn't catch you in Yemen. Too bad. Al Qaeda is evil. You cannot hide forever. Sooner or later you will die.

      September 26, 2010 at 5:08 pm |
    • Muneef

      @Crittir, what did you say I said? Oh my God I never said I approve of such acts Astagfor Allah I am not Judge to judge people and I am against all such acts, but what I actually said was that she is like many others who made their choices taking risks and threats. When she made her choice although knowing that this would endanger her life since her face will be in all media's. Then I gave few examples history gave of few of those who took risk either by having drawn cartoons or written books related to faiths or gangsters.
      Then gave about those reporters taking pictures or video recording during riots or conflicts or wars these people always are the first ones aimed at and picked. Although I do not approve of such punishments which could go out of hand and reach any who expresses with drawing or writing but after all still I would not approve with those who draw cartoons and picture films that are intended for the insult or humiliation of the Holy Prophets,Massengers of God Almighty and hurting the feeling of their followers!
      What victimized this woman was the fuss of the media who with negativity attracted more negativity such as extreme followers or those up high taking advantage of the situation by  doing some thing that would add to the accusations directed to Islam and Muslims!? If who did execute this to the woman is a Muslim or not a Muslim he did it for the money not for his belief or politics in the other hand that who paid the money to the executor is the one to be blamed since to him he is playing a video game that is either extreme faith or extreme politics and only God knows and few others the name of the game!?
      That was all I said and meant but you are trying to frame me with word not said by me and I know why it is about shutting me up for good never mind may God make your curses blessings for me since he alone knows what's in my heart for all humans in love of God only.?!         

      September 26, 2010 at 7:03 pm |
  15. Jon Dist's View

    "Gabrielle Richards, who has attended New Birth for nearly eight years, said she has seen no evidence that Long is a se-xual predator."

    Is she an expert? I doubt it very much. And she's a woman and therefore was not the focus of the man's attentions anyway.
    Oh, yes...let's cover for our wonderful Bishop who never had se-x on stage and must therefore be innocent. Riiight.

    September 26, 2010 at 2:25 pm |
  16. mikoniko

    Don Lemon is to be praised for what he did when faced with the frightening stupidity of these poor children. The 3 of them went mute, MUTE when asked to respond to what the lawyer said about Bishop hanging out at the house of one of the victims. They look and sound like Stepford children. This video does more to support his guilt than those photos. Clear evidence EL on the DL's ability to to warp young minds. The CNN special "What the Pope Knew" is a great example of how a man of the cloth can prey on young, deaf boys for 25 YEARS...because no one, including the police and Pope WANTED to believe those poor boys.

    September 26, 2010 at 12:54 pm |
    • Raven B.

      I thought I was the only one in America who watch that last night! Also, it was heart breaking to see Don Lemon just break the silence about being abused. That just made it even more real. I feel so sorry for his wife and children.

      September 26, 2010 at 8:39 pm |
  17. nomorelies

    He is innocent until proven guilty, & I sincerely hope these allegations are false. However, I have an unpleasant sense of Deja Vu, & those pictures are weird if nothing worse. Silence for several days, takes to the pulpit saying nothing except that he's going to fight the charges. Press conference, complete with wife, which explains that he can't say anything on advice of counsel & allows no questions from the press. Will this play out as with others in the past where precious days are wasted denying, attacking the accusers & then the ultimate sobbing apologies? I truly hope not, but I wonder.

    September 26, 2010 at 11:35 am |
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