Church abuse victims speak out in Rome
November 19th, 2010
11:12 AM ET

Church abuse victims speak out in Rome

Victims of clerical sexual abuse planned rallies in Rome on Friday as cardinals held a day of reflection and prayer on the issue.

Members of the group SNAP (The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests) planned to hold signs and hand out flyers urging Roman Catholic cardinals to stop making symbolic gestures about abuse and instead meet with victims and give case files to the authorities.

"SNAP members believe that genuine reformers solicit outside help, rather than merely meeting with one another," the group said in a news release. "They want church officials to turn over files and cases to independent authorities in government and law enforcement."

At the same time, cardinals were meeting Friday at the Vatican to participate in a day of reflection and prayer on several church matters, including the Vatican's response to cases of sexual abuse.

The day of reflection comes ahead of a Saturday meeting, or consistory, at which new cardinals will be created.

- CNN's Hada Messia in Rome, Italy, contributed to this report.

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  1. Disgusted

    Why do some find it necessary to condemn Jesus Christ, just because of the mess man has created in this world? It doesn't become you. Or is it ok to do, because you don't believe in him? Is it ok to insult like that, and offend others who do believe? Is that where your "morals" are?
    I can respect your right to not believe in Jesus Christ, without insulting you and making nasty comments, why can't you do the same, out of respect for us who do believe in God?
    In regards to the article:

    Furthermore, when abuse takes place, the abuser should be brought to justice. In the case of these Catholic priests who did just that, they should be made to stand before a judge and jury for thier actions. This is when the state should go after them, just as any other abuser.

    A person who commits such acts, should not be exempt because of what the church laws or the Pope says. In any other case, the outward clothing we do not see, just the criminal, so stop hiding behind the cloth.
    I agree with Carol, it should be addressed differently, not to impose that ALL Catholics are criminals, because of the actions of some who "represent" the church. (I am not Catholic, btw)

    November 23, 2010 at 7:57 am |
  2. esteban

    God help those poor people! They need our support and prayers! Everyone gather around the prayer circle!

    November 23, 2010 at 4:34 am |
  3. Iqbal khan


    November 21, 2010 at 1:05 pm |
  4. Carol

    Could you have this heading changed since im offended, its not the church but the corrupt clergy men who did it, the word church includes Catholics like you and me too

    November 21, 2010 at 1:50 am |
  5. Mike

    They should push for a trial and try to have the pope called as a material witness.

    November 20, 2010 at 10:45 pm |
  6. Iqbal khan


    November 19, 2010 at 11:07 pm |
    • Reality

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      Mahound = Mohammed
      Gibreel = Gabriel

      "The faithful lived by lawlessness, but in those years Mahound – or should one say the Archangel Gibreel? – should one say Al-Lah? – became obsessed by law.

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      It was as if no aspect of human existence was to be left unregulated, free. The revelation – the recitation- told the faithful how much to eat, how deeply they should sleep, and which se-xual positions had received divine sanction, so that they leamed that so-domy and the missionary position were approved of by the archangel, whereas the forbidden postures included all those in which the female was on top.

      Gibreel further listed the permitted and forbidden subjects of conversation, and earmarked the parts of the body which could not be scratched no matter how unbearably they might itch.

      He vetoed the consumption of prawns, those bizarre other-worldly creatures which no member of the faithful had ever seen, and required animals to be killed slowly, by bleeding, so that by experiencing their deaths to the full they might arrive at an understanding of the meaning of their lives, for it is only at the moment of death that living creatures understand that life has been real, and not a sort of dream.

      And Gibreel the archangel specified the manner in which a man should be buried, and how his property should be divided, so that Salman the Persian got to wondering what manner of God this was that sounded so much like a businessman.

      This was when he had the idea that destroyed his faith, because he recalled that of course Mahound himself had been a businessman, and a damned successful one at that, a person to whom organization and rules came naturally, so how excessively convenient it was that he should have come up with such a very businesslike archangel, who handed down the management decisions of this highly corporate, if noncorporeal, God."

      November 20, 2010 at 11:45 am |
  7. Iqbal khan

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    November 19, 2010 at 3:45 pm |
  8. Iqbal khan

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    November 19, 2010 at 3:43 pm |
    • Reality

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      "4. To believe that all the heavenly books that were sent to the different prophets are true. However, apart from the Quran, all other books are not valid anymore."

      Another major item to delete. There are no books written in the spirit state of Heaven (if there is one) just as there are no angels to write/publish/distribute them. The Koran, OT, NT etc. are simply books written by humans for humans.

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      Prophecies are also invali-dated by the natural/God/Allah gifts of Free Will and Future.

      "5. To believe that all the prophets are true. However, we are commanded to follow the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) alone."

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      November 19, 2010 at 5:37 pm |
  9. Mr. NoBody

    SNAP is a tell, tell sign that the "Church" has Failed to follow the examples of Jesus or even protect it's members.

    November 19, 2010 at 2:00 pm |
  10. Reality

    Obviously, the "priest mystique" is dead. SNAP should add nails into the coffin top by pointing out the flaws in the theology and history in the RCC and Christianity in general.

    November 19, 2010 at 12:10 pm |
    • geraldh

      As opposed to your theology which is......

      November 19, 2010 at 7:22 pm |
  11. Frogist

    SNAP's demands seem reasonable. The Catholic churhc has proven itself unable or unwilling to police itself when it comes to child abuse. Let someone else have a turn.

    November 19, 2010 at 11:38 am |
    • David Johnson

      It is in the hands of the baby Jesus now. If the bell rings, the files will be handed over. – Now where is that clapper? Oh well.

      November 19, 2010 at 11:43 am |
  12. dcmission


    November 19, 2010 at 11:37 am |
  13. David Johnson

    Article said: "At the same time, cardinals were meeting Friday at the Vatican to participate in a day of reflection and prayer on several church matters, including the Vatican's response to cases of $exual abuse."

    Okay, my fellow Bishops. I'm gonna put this bell on this table. We will call upon Jesus to ring this bell, if He wants us to turn over the abuse files to the cops.

    If the bell doesn't ring, then it is the Lord's will that these files be burned! Hallelujah!

    Thy will be done, Lord!

    November 19, 2010 at 11:29 am |
    • Frogist

      @David Johnson: Teacher says every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings... that's why so many Catholic priests like dongs so much.

      November 19, 2010 at 11:47 am |
    • Ian Kempton

      I don't see why it should be an issue. . .
      Unless you're scared they will find something. . . This doesn't make christian leaders look very good. . .

      You got some splainin' to do!

      November 19, 2010 at 5:16 pm |
    • Jim

      “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” Matt 24:36
      “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matt 24:37

      “Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.” Matt 24:42
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      “But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming;” Matt 24:48
      “The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Matt 24:50-51

      “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.” Matt 25:6
      “Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.” Matt 25:13

      What happens if we don't watch?

      “Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee. “ Rev 3:3

      What happens if we do watch?

      “Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and serve them. “ Luke 12:37

      The magnitude of people who cannot see this is startling!

      Judgment begins May 21, 2011. "Go ye out to meet him". Get out of the church...any church...and go to the bible.

      November 20, 2010 at 2:12 pm |
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