Your Take: Commenters on doomsday leader's end of world revision
May 25th, 2011
09:49 PM ET

Your Take: Commenters on doomsday leader's end of world revision

This week's Belief Blog story on doomsday leader Harold Camping claiming he still expects the world to end on October 21, even after the apocalyptic events he predicted for Saturday failed to materialize, fetched nearly 5,000 comments.

Lots of you left tongue-in-cheek ripostes to Camping's insistence that he merely misinterpreted the Bible's guidance about Judgement Day:

The end of the world is a big deal. Preach on, brother. Since the end is surely coming, I would like to help you and your congregation by accepting all of your money since you won't be needing it. I imagine that all of us sinners will be buying & selling right up to the end, and I for one would like to relieve you of the trouble. Besides, I saw the new SLS this year & have a pretty good idea that I could have it if all of you paid for it.

So when is this nutbag running for the Republican presidential nomination?

Many commenters used the May 21 doomsday movement to whack Christians or to make a case for atheism:

Richard Cheese
Is it really going to take the rapture for Christians to go away? Can't they just take a hint?

Alone in a dark room ... sad ... depressed or whatever is ailing our heart. That is the time we are most vulnerable to believe that god is there. But wishing doesn't make it so. If the world is too complex to have been created by god, then how is it that god, who is supposedly far more complex than the whole universe, came to be by accident? If I could get a logical answer to this question, I might believe that god exists.

The Bible is a fairy tale. It's make belive bs for people who are not leaders, for followers, for sheep.

Such attacks brought out defenders of religion:

Can't see gravity either, but you would say that we can measure it by its effect. After all it is scientific truth that for there to be an effect, there must be a cause. We can't see God but logic must prevail when we see the effects of everything around us. Creation. It's orderly and incredible. Yet, you would probably say it came about by mere chance or accident. If this is true, why can't we with our intelligence duplicate something that came about by accident? Why can't we create something from nothing? Why can't we create life from nothing? Wow, which takes more 'blind faith'? Believing something happened by chance just so perfectly to result in this universe - something we cannot duplicate, or admitting that there is someone a lot smarter than mankind that has done this?

Your assumption about all Christians being ignorant fools is actually all based on the actions of a minority of lunatics and uneducated "so-called" Christians. Yes, a lot of people claim and think they are, and believe ridiculous things, cause more problems in the world and do get in the way of medicine and science and are basically just crappy people. However, there are those that take things for what they are, are intelligent, good people, who don't impose their beliefs on the world, politics or other people. The so-called Christians that believe in ghosts floating around (being watched by a guardian angel or dead relative), those that think when a child dies, they float up to heaven and become "angels" and think the end of the world is coming in our lifetime or that of their children's generation, are really just the ignorant ones that don't understand or lead the lives they claim they are leading. People like that are easily duped.

A normal, sane and intelligent Christian does ask questions, accepts facts and they simply have faith in a higher power and the association with Jesus Christ. The man did exist, for example, but one could easily debate if he was the son of God. The only difference between a normal, everyday decent person and one that's a Christian (a true Christian), is their belief in a higher power.

- CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor

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  1. WASP

    here just to put everyone at ease; YES EVENTUALLY THE WORLD WILL END, well more correctly the earth will become unsustainible for human life and we will go extinct.

    so yes if religious people keep taking stabs in the dark eventually they will get it correct, it's just a matter of time before a huge asteroid comes our way and then they can jump up and down and claim " that god did it" once again as the rock wipes us all out.

    March 28, 2013 at 1:18 pm |
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